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Scholarships exam results: Outstanding!

Avondale College students have once again featured in the top academic ranks of students nationally, following the announcement of the NZ Scholarship results from 2020. These exams are recognised as the pinnacle of secondary school achievement, and are only awarded to the top 3 percent of Year 13 students studying each subject at Level 3, if they meet the standard that is set.

Thirty-three NZ Scholarships have been awarded to 24 Avcol students, including five Outstanding Scholarships, across 12 different subjects. Two students (Nico Davies and Joo-Yeon (Julie) Jeong) were awarded NZ Scholarships while still in Year 12, and five students gained more than two awards.

Most impressively, Hasidu Wanniarachchi was awarded six NZ Scholarships, and has been announced an Outstanding Scholar, which also means he will receive $5000 a year for three years of tertiary study.

Congratulations to all our NZ Scholarship awardees and their teachers on achieving such impressive results!

Joon Young Baik - Biology

Joon Young Baik - Chemistry

Joon Young Baik - Physics

Nico Davies - Biology

Liam Douglas - Biology

Anna Hiew - Painting (Outstanding)

Sepe Huch - Design

Joo-Yeon Jeong - Calculus

Natalia Knox - Painting (Outstanding)

Katarina Knox - Painting

Xin Yang Liu - Statistics (Outstanding)

Xin Yang Liu - Chemistry

Xin Yang Liu - Physics

Ielyzaveta Lobko - Biology

Malisha Munidasa - Statistics

Pavitra N Khanijoe - Biology

Pavitra N Khanijoe - English

Emily O'Callaghan - History (Outstanding)

Emily O'Callaghan - English

Emma Richards - Painting

Emily Smith - Biology

Emily Smith - Physics

Christopher Tang - Statistics

Heather Wallace - Classical Studies

Irene Wang - Biology

Hasidu Wanniarachchi - Media Studies (Outstanding)

Hasidu Wanniarachchi - Biology

Hasidu Wanniarachchi - Chemistry

Hasidu Wanniarachchi - English

Hasidu Wanniarachchi - Physics

Hasidu Wanniarachchi - Statistics

Crystal Yu - Statistics

Zhixin Zhao - English

Scholarship recipients: Heather Wallace, Julie Jeong and Hasidu Wanniarachchi

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