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Seivin qualifies for International Chemistry Olympiad!

Following a rigorous eight-month selection process, Seivin Kim in Year 13 will heading to Saudi Arabia to represent New Zealand at the International Chemistry Olympiad in July!

Seivin is one of just four students making up the New Zealand team, chosen from secondary schools around New Zealand. Selection began last year, with a one-hour nationwide exam in September, a series of problem-based assignments in February/March and a second exam in March that that led to 32 finalists attending the NZICO camp during the Term 1 holidays. At this camp, students then sat practical and theory exams which saw Seivin win a top-four placing - and selection for the New Zealand team.

It's a fantastic achievement for the 17-year old, says Avondale College's Head of Chemistry, Dr Jane Berry.

"This is the first time that any Avondale College student has successfully qualified to participate in the International Chemistry Olympiad team. Not only this, but according to the NZ Chemistry Olympiad organisers, this is the first time TWO female students have got onto the team of four students," she says.

The International Chemistry Olympiad will see teams from around the world gather in Riadyh, Saudi Arabia from 21-30 July, to compete in a series of examinations involving a 5-hour practical examination followed two days later by a 5-hour theoretical examination. The remainder of the time spent at the Olympiad allows the students to establish personal and friendly contacts with other like-minded secondary students from a diverse range of cultures.

Dr Berry says she is hopeful that Seivin's experience will inspire more students to get involved later this year for the 2025 International Chemistry Olympiad, which will be taking place in the United Arab Emirates.

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