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Sir Murray Halberg: A tribute

Today we pay tribute to Avondale's Olympian, alumnus Sir Murray Halberg, who passed away on 1 December 2022.

Regarded as one of the country's greatest runners in the golden era of New Zealand athletics, Halberg first made a name for himself on the sports fields of Avondale College when it was still a newly established school.

Avondale College's Taikaka yearbook from 1948 notes that at the Inter-Secondary School Sports meet "M. G. Halberg in the intermediate section won the 880 yards in the fast time of 2 min. 9 sec."

He was the vice-captain of the 4A Rugby team in 1949, and that same year won the Dunlop Cup for the One Mile Senior Championship in a time of "5 min 10 1-10 sec".

In the decade after he left Avondale College, Murray Halberg excelled as a world-class athlete on the international stage, memorably winning 5000m gold at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Away from the track he will also be remembered for his inspirational work in transforming the lives of children with a disability through sport as the founder of the Halberg Foundation.

Avondale College students today continue to be inspired by Halberg's legacy of sporting excellence, with many pursuing their own athletic dreams in our gymnasium which bears his name.

Kohia ngā Taikākā.

Avondale College's Athletic Team 1948. Murray Halberg is in the back row, second from right.

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