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Sports Academy trial: Update

In light of the heavy rain predicted for Friday's trial day, it has been necessary to make some changes to the Sports Academy Trials programme. Indoor sport will go ahead as planned and other trials will be running next week, Thursday the 24th of November. Please see below: Basketball and Netball: Will run as planned Friday 18 November 9am-3pm in the Avondale College Stadium (Rosebank Road entrance).

Cricket: Will run as planned on Friday 18 November 9am-3pm at Suburbs Cricket Club, 36 Binsted Road, New Lynn. Students are to meet at Suburbs Cricket Club at 9am instead of Avondale College. They will be ready to be picked up from the Cricket Club at 3pm. Football, Rugby and Hockey: Will run next week Thursday 24 November 9am - 3pm. Meet at the Avondale College Stadium at 9am. (Rosebank Road entrance.) If you have any questions, please contact Director of Sports Academy, Ms Nicole Paulin:

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