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Taikaka yearbook to be available for purchase this year

Since first opening its doors in 1945, each year Avondale College has produced Taikaka, the College yearbook. This special magazine captures all the highlights, events and activities of the year, including clubs, sports, departments and more, as well as all aspects of school life.

Previously funded by the school donation, for the first time this year, Taikaka will be available for purchase by our whole College community.

Taikaka is a high-quality production, with over 190 professionally designed colour pages, packed with photos, artwork, articles and memories, and will be a keepsake (and conversation starter!) for years to come. 

The price will be kept as low as possible, with the aim of just covering the costs involved (probably around $30 to $40).

More details of how to order will be shared with our College community in the next few weeks.

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