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Talent Quest '22!

The Talent Quest 2022 finals were held on the 11th of August. It was a night filled with amazing performances from ten different groups, and our MCs Nathanael Tivoli, Xarya Tama’ali’i, Molly Tate and Brooklyn Eti kept the audience entertained throughout the night.

Avondale College’s ex-students (and performing artists) Delores Lesatele, Josh Parker and Kiahan Simons-Tipau were on our judge’s panel, alongside award-winning singer/songwriter Sam V.

They had a very difficult decision to make as all of the finalists were outstanding, but they did manage to choose the top three. Our band group ‘Crispy Chicken Combo’ with members Lucas Wongso, Francis Whall, Chester Rowland, Jakob Elijas and Ben Ridsdale were awarded 1st place. Our dance group ‘KCL’ with members Kahleen Lagare, Cate Benson and Laurice Velonza came 2nd. In 3rd place we had singer Xarya Tama’ali’i.

Congratulations to our winners and to all our participants - including our prefects for their hilarious performance of (a very abridged) Romeo and Juliet! Thank you for making Avondale College Talent Quest 2022 finale a memorable night!

- Miss R Khan, Year 13 Associate Dean

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