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Top results for Avcol Scholars

2023 has begun with cause for celebration following the release of exam results from 2022. Avondale College students have once again excelled across all pathways, subjects and year levels! In NCEA, 90% of participating students achieved their Year Level qualification! For CAIE, 94% achieved their Year Level qualification. Congratulations to all our hard-working students on their achievements!

Top in NZ in Cambridge International exams Five Avondale College have topped New Zealand in their Cambridge International Exams! Congratulations to the following students on this achievement: Srujan Madaiah Basavaraju High Achievement Cambridge International AS Level Information Technology Ryan Hour High Achievement Cambridge International AS Level Psychology Chanuri Fernando Top in New Zealand Cambridge International AS Level Psychology Mia Horva'th Top in New Zealand Cambridge IGCSE Information & Communication Technology Seivin Kim Top in New Zealand Cambridge IGCSE Literature in English

CAIE Top in NZ: Srujan Basavaraju, Ryan Hour, Chanuri Fernando, Mia Horva'th and Seivin Kim

The outstanding achievements of New Zealand’s Cambridge learners are to be recognised at an Awards Ceremony on Thursday 16 February.

30 NZ Scholarship awards and a Top Scholar! Our NZ Scholarship results have been published and we are please to see, again, the outstanding results of our most academic students. Regarded as the most challenging assessment available to secondary students, NZ Scholarships provide recognition and monetary rewards to top students in their last year of schooling. Avondale College students were awarded 30 NZ Scholarships across 10 subjects, including two Outstanding Scholarships and a Top Scholar. Outstanding individual results: Mary Wang Outstanding Scholarship in Chemistry, Scholarships in Biology, Physics and Statistics Joy Shi Scholarships in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics Deiza Telreja Scholarships in Biology, Chemistry and English Molly Tate Outstanding Scholarship in Drama and New Zealand's Top Scholar for Drama

Top Drama student, Molly Tate

Also of note are the seven students in this group who are currently in Year 13 (so gained Scholarships in Year 12). Congratulations to Kyle Burden (Calculus), Oscar Shaw and Sajal Teneja (Drama) Tia Deb (English), Sally Tiotala (Samoan) Umi van Dalen (Statistics) and Justin Yang (Statistics). Congratulations to all our students on achieving such superb results!


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