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Trades Day inspires future planning

This year the Careers Department invited 17 local construction and automotive trades employers, the armed forces trade recruiters, the UNITEC Trades Faculty, and a couple of key construction ITO's, to speak to senior students who are thinking about trades apprenticeships in the construction and automotive industries. This was a new Careers Department initiative, focused on connecting employers to students and highlighting trades pathways. It focused on encouraging students to:

  • EXPLORE different career pathways and options

  • CONNECT to real employers and the world of work, and understand the skills they’ll need

The event took place in the PAC on Monday. Small groups of students rotated around various speakers to find out about opportunities in different trades and what was expected of apprentices. Students in Avondale College's Carpentry, Mechanical Engineering and Automotive classes were rostered into the talks, along with any other students in Years 12 and 13 who had signed up to attend.

We are incredibly thankful to the wonderful speakers, mainly local employers, who took valuable time out of their working day to come and inspire and inform our students about their specific trades.

Mrs J Birkhead, Director of Careers

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